You might be spending time with family or partying with friends.
You entertain with ease.
Watch and Listen to what, where and how you want at the press of a button.
Whether it is a dedicated theater, your family room or the whole house you choose.


Create a lighting scheme that sets the mood, saves energy.
Bend the light to suit the way you live your life.
Never ever come home to a dark house again.
Let the lights run on automatic, on demand or mix of both it’s your choice.


There’s no substitute for peace of mind.
You can rest easy, because your home is always within reach.
Someone rings the doorbell, you answer from your phone regardless of where you are.
Did you remember to arm the alarm, it’s always a click away.


It’s nice to live comfortable.
Let your Home do the work so you don’t have to.
Turn on your spa before you leave for home, it’s always ready when you are.