100% Uninterrupted Residential Energy

Savant Power Systems deliver visibility to energy production and consumption trends, help weather power outages, onset peak utility rates when on the grid and optimize energy usage when off the grid. And with the award-winning Savant app, personalized control over every circuit in your home is in your hands.

Electrify Your Life

Savant Power System helps to manage a variety of power resources, including solar, battery and back-up generator power. Experience reduced dependency on the power grid and seamless power management during an unplanned grid outage.

Manage Emergency Power

The Savant Power System manages a grid outage and helps maximize your back-up, generator power by eliminating non-essential loads and tracking power consumption. Take control of your energy consumption and lose your dependence on the grid. 

A Savant Power Micro-grid puts the power back in the hands of the consumer.

Savant Power a Day In the Life

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